Set the Vision

Armed with the findings identified in the Health Check Report and Action Plan, we work in collaboration with the senior team to set the vision of the perfect agency, defining the new business objectives and highlighting the leadership characteristics required to achieve them. We then assist in the process of selecting the right team members to enact the vision, arming them with the skills and tools required to get there.

At NBM we believe every successful new business program has a dedicated team within the agency, drawn from the very brightest talent available on-staff.

During this stage, we take another look at ‘the hook’ tied to the unique selling proposition of the agency. This is powerfully important to revisit – as some client’s business objectives in solving their problems may be for different reasons than previously thought.

Our methodology helps identify whether the public profile and internal mindset of the agency is in alignment with what their customers truly value. The gap between what is being sold and what customers are buying will be filled at this stage.

Our goal is to highlight the uniqueness of every agency shifting the psychological dynamic of selling from a mindset of ‘what we need’ to ‘what we can give’ to their clients, that no one else can.

We seek to inspire confidence and thought leadership in taking a customer-centric approach to solution selling instilling a set of powerful values that motivates and drives ongoing success.

Build The Foundation

Before embarking on making calls and meetings to establish new relationships, it’s essential to have the foundations built and the assets prepared to ensure new business success.

At this stage, New Business Methodology works inside the structure of the agency to ensure that there is a solid foundation of new business systems and processes in-place, including hard and soft assets, from skill sets and techniques, to collateral and the public profile. These include:

•  A well defined marketing toolkit

•  The credentials presentation

•  The ‘Hook’ that will get you in the room with your top prospects.

Most agencies have a target list of sorts. It usually consists of the directors’ personal contacts, a few loose accounts they are chasing, and a top 10 list of their most desired clients.

But this is not enough.

At New Business Methodology, our prospecting system starts with a target list that identifies the Top 100 Prospects.

Armed with the insights revealed by the Health Check Report, an audit of your current new business activities and a review of the team you have on-board, we will be in a position to create an ideal view of where the agency needs to be headed.



Comments from industry.

“After some initial ground work [our efforts] opened doors to clients we never thought we would meet. High profile, blue chip clients, frankly we were pinching ourselves about the meetings we had.”


John Preston, Founder, Match Media


Building the Top 100 List

Using our comprehensive category list and extensive companies’ data warehouse, we compile a bespoke Top 100 Prospects database for each agency based on their specific goals and aligned to the unique benefits they deliver to their clients.

We help to select the Top 100 using the analytical grid we have developed that ensures the most relevant companies aren’t missed from your list. We help to rank and research these companies and train the ‘database manager’ in the new business team to maintain and update the information using efficient techniques.

With 100 prospective companies on the list, up to 300 individual executives will need to be contacted. These contacts will all learn about the agency brand and become familiar with the positive attributes of the agency during the Activation phase.

It’s a numbers game.

We know that approximately 15% of the companies on the Top 100 Prospects database will make a selection or assignment in the coming year – that’s 15 very hot prospects who know your company when they start looking.

How to offer your top prospects an irresistible invitation to meet, the ‘Hook’ is what gets your agency in the room for an initial meeting.

The ‘Hook’ has to pique their interest and convince them to spend their precious time in a meeting with your agency – usually when they don’t know you and most likely are not looking for the services you offer.

Credentials presentations are useless here; they are all about the agency. The ‘Hook’ has to focus solely on what’s in it for the prospect. Tap them on the shoulder and intrigue them. Heighten their curiosity to find out what they might be missing.

The ‘Hook’ neatly packages and combines your agency’s experience and expertise with a solution to a problem that your prospect may be facing.

New Business Methodology expertly identifies the right bait for the ‘Hook’ that makes every prospect bite, using a formula that scopes in the successes of the agency over the last 12 to 18 months.

You might be surprised at the patterns that emerge.

We will help you refine the Hook with a cut through title, an ownable proposition and a simple 20 minute conversation (not presentation) that gets your prospects to agree to meet you.

One core truth of an organisation’s business:

The best people work very hard on the client’s business and almost equally hard avoiding work developing the company’s business.

The Hook


When it comes to training, the list of skills required to build a new business team appears obvious. But our experience shows very few agencies have the right people with the right skills doing the right tasks at the right time.

We start by revisiting the basic skill-sets needed for this task, including list management, company research, developing the right collateral, how to secure meetings, presentations skills, meeting etiquette, how to ‘close’ and more.

Commonly, we encounter new business programs that have failed due to inadequate skills – no matter how strategic, creative and service-oriented your team, there are specific skills that need to be mastered if you want to reap the benefits of new business.

We also have a number of bespoke skills training courses and workshops that can be accessed to empower even the most accomplished team members, creating a standard approach that lifts the batting average of your team to a higher level.

If you have one star performer outshining everyone else, we’ll build an alignment program to create a cohesive network of high achieving new business executives.

The initial Health Check Report and Action Plan of your current new business activities will allow us to recommend the right training to up-skill and enhance your team’s capabilities to be more engaged, more competitive and driven for success.

Aligning For Success

Activation in Just 3 Meetings

The ‘3-Meeting Strategy’ is a powerful game changer to the standard approach most agencies take in developing new business relationships.

Developed and refined over two decades, the ‘3-Meeting Strategy’ forms the basis of the activation phase of the New Business Methodology program. Essentially, it is designed to help agencies find and build new relationships with the clients they desire, with a view to working with them in a mutually beneficial relationship.

This project aims to secure paid projects from a ‘cold’ prospect in just three meetings.

Your agency will become one of the elite businesses that can choose to pitch, or not to pitch. You will know how to ‘Close On Your Terms’ and begin to reap not just new business, but organic growth from a growing suite of ideal clients.

Activation requires ongoing mentoring, monitoring and implementation of the ‘3-Meeting Strategy’, the Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) database, marketing communications, staff training and pitch coaching.

Options exist for varying rates of engagement. Ask us for a quote.




Comments from industry.

“In a nutshell, Julia gets you the meeting you want. Not only that, Julia gets you the right meeting. With the right people.

“And she makes sure that when you get to the right meeting in front of the right people, you are prepared.

“Prepare to talk informatively and insightfully about their business. Not just waffling on about yours. She makes sure you ‘close’. And that’s the meeting you really want.”


Jeff Sanders, Managing Director, RAPP CEO, Global Red


Most agencies hope to be invited to pitch for a prospect’s business. “Hope” is not a legitimate or sustainable new business strategy

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