Every agency boss is looking for new business. The anxiety of wondering where the next profitable client is coming from is what keeps every agency CEO and Managing Director awake at night.

Closing On Your Terms

[New Business Mastery For Agencies]

If your agency is not winning new business, it’s dying. New business is the oxygen for every agency, it ensures solid growth for your business, creates momentum and high morale among your team, and keeps your services and client relationships fresh and vibrant.

Sadly, too many agencies do not have a consistent, successful new business process at the heart of their operations to ensure they not only survive, but thrive. Many hope to be invited to pitch for a company’s business, but ‘hope’ is not a sustainable new business strategy.




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The New Business

Methodology for Agencies

The New Business Methodology is the culmination of 20 years’ experience in devising, training, implementing and assessing new business programs across a wide variety of agency types.

It can turn a struggling agency into a team of new business masters who can secure paid, profitable projects from a ‘cold’ prospect in just three meetings.

Without having to pitch.

We bring an impartial view to your challenges with benchmarking drawn from hundreds of projects. We will come into your agency with a fresh perspective and establish a system that is tailored to your business. We have a clear process to do this.


Imagine investing in a company that did not have a sales department, did not advertise, promote, or use PR consistently, did not have a consumer positioning, and did not have a long term marketing plan. You might be investing 10 or 12 hours a day in one right now – your company.

Remove Yourself From

the Race to the Bottom

Consider the New Business Methodology for Agencies as risk management.

Remove yourself from the race to the bottom; stop relying on invitations to pitches and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on what is, essentially, a gamble. Wipe out the long nights of overtime and stress on staff and the toll it takes on your current clients.

No matter what type of agency you run – from

boutique to multinational, from advertising to media, from digital to design, from packaging to promotion – we have deep insight into your pain points and can offer you a solution.

The New Business Methodology, which is outlined in the following pages, is our proven process for any type of agency that wants to take the stress out of new business and enjoy all the benefits that a successful new business program can deliver.


Inhibitors to Success


The New Business Methodology for Agencies is a strategic, systematic and consistent program that successful agencies use to keep their pipeline full.

It provides the best opportunities to meet and build authentic relationships with future clients while realigning the agency to close on their terms.

Our proven system is a comprehensive 32 step program that adds up to new business success.

Customised for each agency, the New Business Methodology bridges the gap that exists between the unique business needs of each potential new client and the capabilities of the agency.


Using an extensive range of training modules and a full complement of tools required to win new business, our system removes the anxiety that agency bosses have in wondering where their next profitable client is coming from by entrenching itself into the core business practice of the agency, to ensure ongoing success.

If you are an agency boss who is considering a refreshed approach to new business and is willing to commit to a positive mindset while fostering a proactive culture of growth, then this powerful program towards new business mastery is for you.



What It Takes to Win New Business

Take the Journey to

New Business Mastery


Most agencies hope to be invited to pitch for a prospect’s business. “Hope” is not a legitimate or sustainable new business strategy

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